Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to provide a comprehensive piano education that will last a lifetime. To accomplish such an ambition, students will learn how to become independent learners by creating productive and successful piano practice habits.

The central elements of my teaching practice include:

  • proper technique mastery
  • musical interpretation through varied repertoire
  • maintaining confident stage presence through regular performance participation
  • a strong foundation in music theory

Repertoire is selected based upon the interests, preferences, and skill level of the student. I couple lessons with rich musical history studies and the corresponding classical pieces. 

Students are encouraged to attend musical performances and become active listeners outside of regular lesson.  I help facilitate attendance by communicating upcoming local events on regular basis.

Theory is the cornerstone of musical interpretation and thus I specialize in finding engaging methods to incorporate theory into each lesson. Students are encouraged to participate in at least two annual studio recitals, and I spend time each lesson preparing and reviewing proper stage etiquette.  I excel in helping students overcome performance anxiety and consider it one of my specialities!

I appreciate the importance of being a good example for my students by practicing each day and continuing as a student myself. I strive to be a warm, responsive, organized, and imaginative teacher that first seeks to know my students personally, so I know how to best motivate each individual student.  As a result of their piano instruction, students should expect to come away with a strong foundation in piano pedagogy tailored to their specific goals.  

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